Technical data

Frying Line

Power Supply Voltage
~ 3 phase 400V / 50Hz
Maximum operating temperature
Oil heat transfer medium
Agip Alaria 3
Heating energy
heating oil
natural or liquefied gas
Frying Line LDS-400
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Perfekcyjna jakość produkowanych wyrobów
Szybkość działania
Oszczędność energii i czasu produkcji
Powtarzalność procesów technologicznyc
Wysoka odporność na substancje chemiczne
Gwarancja niezawodnej pracy

The frying line is designed for the frying of all kinds of food products.
The production process is managed by a microprocessor controller, which provides the possibility of using the control panel to regulate the speed of the conveyor belt and set the optimal frying fat temperature, which allows us to ensure the appropriate product frying time.
The main tank of the frying line is made of acid-resistant steel – its structure prevents the deposition of production residue and is easy to clean.
The frying line is equipped with a conveyor belt transporting the fried products, which ensures the proper immersion of the products in the frying fat. The conveyor belt and the cover protecting the operators from contact with hot liquids as well as minimizing heat losses inside the tank, are both automatically raised and lowered by pneumatic actuators. A specially designed pressure belt ensures the optimal holding of the products during the frying process, completely eliminating undesired damage or product deformation.
During the operation of the machine it is possible to visually inspect the technological process – the frying line is equipped with a system for lifting and lowering of the conveyor belt cover.
However, one of the most important advantages of the line is its enormous efficiency. For example, the LDS-400 type device is able to perfectly fry 400 kg of croquettes within one hour. This translates into savings on human resources, energy and production time which significantly lowers costs.
Each technological line is developed individually – as the manufacturer we are able to fully adapt the device and its dimensions to the customer’s requirements.


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