Technical data

Mini Smoking Chamber

Mini Smoking Chamber KW-100

Heating energy
heating oil
natural or liquefied gas
process steam
Heating power
21 kW
Drying - 0-80°C
Drying with smoking
Smoking - 0-99°C
Smoking with steaming
Steaming - 0-90°C
Roasting - 0-90°C
Chilling - 60°C - ambient temperature
Air circulation variants
vertical circulation, horizontal circulation
Microprocessor controller
Mikster MCC-100
Mikster INDU iMAX 500
Number of smoking trolleys
2 pcs
Mini Smoking Chamber KW-100
HEIGHT (H)2000 mm
WIDTH (W)1600 mm
LENGTH (L)2000 mm
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Perfekcyjna jakość produkowanych wyrobów
Oszczędność energii i czasu produkcji
Łatwa i intuicyjna obsługa
Skrócony czas obróbki produktów
Wyprodukowane z najlepszych materiałów
Powtarzalność procesów technologicznych
Dzięki nowoczesnym technologiom chronisz środowisko

The mini smoking-roasting chamber is designed for the thermal processing of cold cuts, meats, poultry, fish and cheese.
The fully automated and easy to use device allows for performing the processes of smoking, drying, steaming and roasting.
The smoke is produced in a top class smoke generator with maximum utilization of the wood chips, and the smoke injection system evenly distributes it inside the chamber.
The device is also designed for operation with the use of liquid smoke atomizers.
The modern microprocessor controller installed in the machine precisely manages the automated technological process, minimizing the involvement of the operating staff. The chamber is built of stainless steel and equipped with a smoking trolley with a set of rods and trays. In addition, the device has been equipped with an automatic cleaning and hygiene system and a system preventing the ignition of the wood chips.
The mini smoking chamber is very economical – after reaching the desired parameters of the carried out technological process the device switches into the parameter maintenance mode, reducing power consumption to a minimum. The small size is an additional advantage – the mini smoking – roasting chamber has been designed specifically for small meat processing plants, supermarkets and catering establishments.


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