Technical data

Traditional Smoking Chamber

Traditional Smoking Chamber KWT-250

Wnętrze komory z wózkiem obrotowym
HEIGHT (H)3050 mm
WIDTH (W)1500 mm
LENGTH (L)2900 mm
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Perfekcyjna jakość produkowanych wyrobów
Wysoka odporność na substancje chemiczne
Dzięki nowoczesnym technologiom chronisz środowisko
Gwarancja niezawodnej pracy

Traditional smoking chamber is based on one of the oldest methods of smoking.
The smoke from the burning of the wooden chips in the hearth goes through the bottom channel and rises, freely surrounding the rotating products. It is then exhausted outside the chamber.
The unique design of the smoking trolley with a load rotation system is an important element ensuring the uniform processing of the products.
Products intended for processing are hanged on a rotating platform, which ensures uniform and excellent effect of smoking through steady rotational movement during the process.
In a traditional smoking chamber the heat and smoke for the smoking process is provided by a hearth made of stainless steel and cast iron elements (grate).
The floor is made of acid resistant sheet metal. The side walls, doors and ceilings are made of properly insulated stainless steel panels.
The temperature is measured with a resistance temperature sensor, placed inside the chamber, connected to an electronic gauge.
Smoking with the traditional method of burning wood chips of deciduous trees gives the characteristic prized taste, smell and color.

For all entities interested in the production of cold cuts in accordance with the traditional recipes but also appreciating the comfort and repeatability of the process, we have introduced to the market an innovative product that combines all the advantages of a smoking and steaming chamber and the traditional method of smoking. The device was created by equipping a standard smoking and steaming chamber with a hearth fueled by wood chunks and a channel distributing the smoke. Thanks to such a solution the device dries and smokes the products like a traditional chamber while the air circulation system and the microprocessor control ensures the maintenance of ideal and repeatable conditions inside the chamber. The ability of carrying out steaming and chilling processes directly after the completion of the traditional smoking is an additional advantage of the device.
Cold cuts produced in the hybrid smoking and steaming chamber are identical in terms of taste and appearance as those produced in traditional chambers and, which is worth noting, they fulfill the new EU standards regarding the content of tarry substances.


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