Technical data

Curing and Maturing Chamber

Curing and Maturing Chamber KD-1500W

Power Supply
~ 3 phase 400V / 50Hz
Number of intake channels
Number of exhaust (aspiration) channels
Temperature maintenance system
heating-cooling module
Modifiable parameters
air circulation
duration of the technological process
Microprocessor controller
Curing and Maturing Chamber KD-1500W
HEIGHT (H)2800 mm
WIDTH (W)4000 mm
LENGTH (L)5500 mm
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Perfekcyjna jakość produkowanych wyrobów
Szybkość działania
Oszczędność energii i czasu produkcji
Łatwa i intuicyjna obsługa
Powtarzalność procesów technologicznych
Wysoka odporność na substancje chemiczne
Gwarancja niezawodnej pracy

The curing and maturing chamber is used in the process of maturation of, among other, cheeses, cold cuts and meats.
The elements of the curing and maturing chamber maintain constant air circulation, temperature as well as humidity within the tightly sealed room.
The curing and maturing chamber is equipped with a heating and cooling module, thanks to which the temperatures in the chamber can be set in a very wide range.
The air intake fan driven by a high-power engine allows the user to select the desired speed of air circulation.
The appropriately selected number of nozzles of the air intake and suction channels guarantees excellent air circulation throughout the curing and maturing chamber, while also ensuring constant temperature, humidity and airflow appropriate for the individual stages of the technological process.
All these parameters are controlled by an intuitive microprocessor controller that continuously displays their values. This solution allows for the control and the possible modification of the process parameters.
Each of the settings is fully modifiable which provides the possibility of the precise setting of the individual values depending on the carried out technological process.


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